October 22, 2017
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3BaysGSA Putt World’s lightest putting analyzer

Just a couple of weeks ago we were contacted by 3Bays who asked us if we would be interested in reviewing their 3BaysGSA Putting Analyzer. When I received the test unit the first thing I noticed is the beautiful packaging, a very nice plastic sleeve pulls off to reveal a magnetic box that holds the unit, charger, carrying case, and manual. Very classy!

3BaysGSA Putting Analyzer

The funny thing is that the putting game is often neglected by a lot golfers, most of which prefer to spend their time on the range with the more eye-pleasing elements of the game… such as the driver. No club in the bag is used on more strokes than the putter, working on your putting form until you are comfortable with the club from all distances can prove vital on the course. The key to mastering the putter is practicing proper form on the putting green, until your stroke is second nature. Knowing that you are practicing all of these elements and being able to see raw data that we can comprehend is probably the key of becoming a better putter.

3BaysGSA Putting Analyzer

In a nutshell

3BaysGSA PUTT is the World’s Lightest Putting Analyzer, which is smartly designed to plug into putter grip. It can digitize and analyze key aspects of your putting stroke more closely than ever before. The unit itself (shaped like a ball marker with an elongated tee) fits into the end of the putter grip. There is a sealed USB port for charging and when powered on the led is a very nice blue when paired and turns red when powered off. The box also contains detailed operating instructions and a small carrying case. The unit itself weights less than 1/3 of an ounce… you will not be able to feel the extra weight while mounted onto the end of the putter.

3BaysGSA putting analyzer

Benefits of 3BaysGSA putting analyzer

The 3BaysGSA putting analyzer will send, via Bluetooth, instant stroke information to your smart device based on 8 different parameters. Some of the parameters include stroke, tempo, length of putting stroke, consistency and even angle of attack; all of these can be measured and studied with the idea of becoming a more consistent putter.  But why is consistency so important? When I look at the differences between the good and bad putters that I have known during my almost 30 years of golf  is that good putters have a concept for their stroke and stick with it. It may be a natural thing but they never make changes, they stick to a swing and they use it over and over… putting is about consistency. 

3BaysGSA putting analyzer

With the 3BaysGSA putting analyzer you will learn, and see! your swing path, and tempo; you will also be able to see detailed and important data that will help you being consistent at striking the ball in the correct area of the face of the putter and with the correct speed, tempo. Key ingredients to become a better putter.

3BaysGSA Putting Analyzer


Positives: My sincere congratulations to 3BaysGSA for a great device. If you want data about your putting stroke, the GSA PUTT has to be one of the most powerful apps we have ever seen. The 3BaysGSA Putt provides almost instant visual feedback, the loading time after each stroke is about 2 seconds and the detail and measure of readings is mind boggling . One of the features that I like the most is the fact that the device has very little impact on the way the putter feels and looks in your hand. You can practice for hours having your iPhone clipped to your belt and no-one will be able to notice you are using a state of the art device to help you become more consistent with your putting.

Negatives: Knowing how to use the data and taking advantage of it will be the challenging/fun part of it. I feel that to the average golfer, the information may be overwhelming, but it could be a great tool for putting instructors, fitters and golfers who study the game. Every reading has a meaning and it will be up to the user to take advantage of it. Without a doubt I see a great potential with the GSA PUTT.  

The GSA PUTT has a MSRP of $199.99 and can be ordered on the company’s website at Click Here

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    July 16, 2013

    Thanks for the lovely review. We are going to have a new feature on GSA PUTT app which takes the putting training to a whole new level. Stay tuned.

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