October 22, 2017
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Adams Idea CMB Irons: Ideal for the better player…

Adams Idea CMB Irons – Review. For the past 2 years I have been playing a set of Taylormade Tour Preferred MC irons (- 1/2 in, 2* flat, KBS Tour Black S) and needless to say I love the combination I get from a forged-muscle-cavity-blade; in my opinion, it is the optimum blend of feel, workability and forgiveness. Tuesday, I had my first range session with the Adams Idea CMB Irons (-1/2, 2* Flat, KBS C-Tapers S) Adams Idea CMB irons

I will be honest to tell you that I had mixed feelings about the overall performance of these irons. I have seen the TV commercials and I’m aware that these clubs are in the hands of many PGA and Champions Tour players. Yet, it has been my experience that a great looking iron almost never performs up to the standards. The Adams Idea CMB irons I received were also fitted with KBS Tour C-Taper 120 (S) shafts and as much technology was devoted to make these clubs there was an equal amount in aesthetics… Bravo! I will call it an A+ in effort to find the best looking combination out there. Great looking heads, gorgeous and innovative shafts and a black and white new decade Golf Pride grip……Killer!!Adams Idea CMB irons

I got a chance to hit about 40 – 50 balls during my range session at Woodmont Country Club and shot after shot I was getting more and more impressed with these clubs. The clubs are soft and very forgiving and yet they carry the necessary feel needed for the better player. I mention “the better player” just because we had our good friend Jim from Coral Springs (14 – handicap) who was unable to hit more than 3 good shots in a row. These irons, just like any other forged-cabity-blades, require certain degree of precision a single-digit handicap player can provide.  Ron Baker, PGA and Director of Golf at Woodmont fell in love with the soft feeling of the heads but complained about the much lower trajectory he was getting as compared to his Titleist AP2 outfitted with Project X 5.5 Flighted shafts. The clubs feature a tungsten weight insert at the toe to enhance feeling and reducing twisting at impact.Adams Idea CMB irons

The Review

I don’t like to talk about distance when I’m testing a set of irons simply because I feel that gap management is the most important aspect of a good set of irons. That seamless progression between golf clubs is essential for scoring. But we all know distance is important and in this case the Adams Idea CMB irons are clearly 1/2 club longer than my old clubs. Having to use a smaller club on your second shot in a par-4 just translates in more accuracy. I’m trying to be as unbiased as possible and I don’t want to put down any products, specially one that has served me well for the past couple of years but my God these clubs make me feel I can play competitive golf again.   Adams Idea CMB irons

With our launch monitor in place we began obtaining great data, the clubs performed up to and well above our standards and personally I was able to obtain great launch and ball speed numbers with great gains and tighter dispersion pattern (specially with my mid to long irons). I know some of this performance has a lot to do with the great C-Taper shafts but I am also comparing numbers with a set of clubs that I have been using for over 2 years. There is one category our launch monitor is not able to calculate, the soft feeling and forgiveness that is felt upon the first shot.

Adams Idea CMB irons

After an hour at the range I proceeded to play a competitive round of 9-holes with 2 of my buddies. My driving was a bit off (totally unrelated to the test) and my friends took advantage of it! I personally second guessed several shots out there due to the instant gained distance as compared to my old clubs. I also noticed the clubs were very stable at contact and performed very well under several different lies. In the end I walked out of the golf course with a sour +3 score and negative $10 from my pocket account (taken away by Carlos and Marc “the ruffians”) Adams Idea CMB irons

The Adams Idea CMB irons are clearly solid through the hit, longer and more accurate than the average blade irons. I have to thank Adams Golf for a great product. The CMB’s are great for working the ball left to right and right to left by simply shifting your body alignment and closing or opening the club face by just a couple of degrees. With that being said I would not recommend these clubs to the recreational (weekend warrior) player. Even a 10-handicapper will have his hands full with them. It takes a certain degree of accuracy to enjoy these clubs and if you are the right candidate looking to gain some distance without sacrificing control look no further…


  • Great looks!! A+
  • Innovative performance
  • Tungsten weights add stability and control
  • Longer than traditional blades
  • Very Accurate


  • Not recommended for the average player

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