October 22, 2017
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Find the best golf ball for you…

Often overlooked by many golfers is that piece of equipment that we use the most… Golf Balls! In general, golfers love to run out and demo the new driver they just watched on TV with the promise to add 10 more yards. However, it’s very rare for a golfer to demo and chose the best golf ball for their own game….which is the single most important game changer to improve your game immediately.

Best Golf Balls

Do we even know the difference between golf balls?

Golf ball manufacturing has become a science on its own. From 5-piece construction, ionomer and urethane covers golfers face a myriad of choices; But really? which one is the best golf ball for you? Let me explain…

Under $25

In the simplest of the terms golf balls at the lower price range (Under $25) are designed for the higher handicap, in most cases these balls are hard to the feel (1 or 2 piece construction) and these balls are designed to flight straight!!. The cover of these balls in most cases is typically surlyn ionomer (basically a hard plastic with very elastic properties). Balls in this price range will help high handicap players to keep the ball in play. Off the tee these hard balls will not react as softer balls and slices can be controlled… expect no miracles here… but definitely using the correct ball will save you lots of money! Our recommendations in this price range:

Best Golf Balls

Titleist DT Solo $20 – High-launching, straight ball with a soft feeling.  White or yellow.

Best Golf Ball
Rife E Motion $20 – Low spin ball designed with a soft ionomer-blend cover to improve spin and feel on shorter shots.

Between $25 and $35

Here is where it gets complicated! Balls in the mid-range section can be used by everyone… even low handicap players. These balls generally have a urethane cover which is a high performance rubber and is much softer than it’s ionomer counterpart. Urethane will really grip with the grooves of your club face and generate a lot more spin. However, because the material is much softer the ball will scuff and mark much easier (you can even cut the cover of the ball if you have relatively fresh grooves in your wedges). Our recommendations in this price range:

Best Golf Ball

I Need The Ball $35 – Don’t let the unique logo fool you! This is a ball that belongs in our upper ball tier with a premium spin, great distance and fantastic feel around greens.


Bridgestone E5 / E6 / E7 $29 – Great all around playing ball, two-piece urethane e5 is best for moderate swing speeds, E6 softer feel and great performance and three-piece e7 is designed for distance.

Best Golf Ball

Taylormade Rocketballz Urethane  $29 – A three-piece urethane-covered golf ball at this price range is very impressive, this is a great overall ball.

Best Golf Ball

Callaway Chrome+ $32 – Provides the soft feel and exceptional short game spin that players want in a high performance Tour golf ball with enhanced durability.

Over $35

This is what the good players look for…. soft, high spinning balls that deliver performance. If you slice or hook your tee shots the soft and highly reactive cover will amplify your mistake. Our recommendations in this price range:

Best Golf Balls

Taylormade Lethal $47 – Lethal combines the most penetrating, wind-defying flight of any TaylorMade ball with the kind of greenside feel and spin that Tour professionals demand, making it the ultimate Tour performance ball.

Best Golf Ball

Srixon Z-Star The Z-STAR $45 – is a high-performance, multi-layered ball with extremely soft feel. This Z-STAR offering provides the most spin and feel around the green. The Z-STAR performs best with driver speeds between 90 and 105 mph.

Best Golf Ball

Titleist ProV1 $47 – Tour-proven around the globe, the new Titleist Pro V1® golf ball is engineered to deliver exceptional distance, consistent flight and very soft feel.


There are so many choices out there that the task of finding the correct ball can be a bit confusing.  I personally recommend that all higher handicap players (20+) select a harder ball with an ionomer cover. This cover will help you reduce sidespin and promote a straighter flight. Mid – Handicaps will enjoy the game more by playing a mid entry urethane ball based on your swing speed. Low handicap players will probably already know this information and have probably tried half dozen brands before they settle into one…. that’s what it takes, go out there and try different balls… you will be surprised!

I am Fernando, Editor and Publisher of South Florida Golf. My goal will always be to make sure you have a great time while visiting our website or reading our digital magazine. I'm an old school guy happily married with 35+ years of serious golf under my belt. Former mini-tour player, Florida Atlantic University Grad... I follow Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, Miami Marlins, Panthers and anything related to South Florida .. Contact me at fs@sfgmagazine.com or @SOFLAGOLF


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