October 22, 2017
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Bettinardi Signature Model 5 – in a class of its own!

To understand the concept behind Bettinardi putters and more specific to understand the concept behind their flagship model Bettinardi Signature Model 5 we must first get to know the brains behind the operation. Chicago native Robert Bettinardi, CEO of Bettinardi putters, carries on a family tradition of quality metal craft. His father, a master miller as well, gave Robert his early exposure to the field of engineering. From the age of 12 on, his summers were spent working in his father’s machining facility learning the craft from the ground up. He would go on to receive his degree from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and would later open his own engineering and milling facility, X-Cel Technologies in Tinley Park, IL, producing parts for the defense and medical industries.rjb

Robert Bettinardi, CEO Bettinardi Putters

Bettinardi combined his golf and crafting passions and began manufacturing a One-Piece Technology putters in the early 90’s, and founded Bettinardi Golf in 1998. Through his dedication to precision and innovation, the Bettinardi name has become synonymous with quality in the world of golf. His objective clear, Robert Bettinardi set out in 1991 and began crafting some of the world’s finest putters. Already a master engineer milling parts for the defense and medical industries, his talents were sharp and appropriate to make the move into the world of golf. After creating some of his own prototypes, Bettinardi was soon designing and producing putters alongside some of the industry’s best and was in demand by golf’s top OEM’s. Over the next seven years Bettinardi would hone his skills and become recognized as the premier engineer of One-Piece milled putters.Bettinardi 1999

Putter used by Jesper Parnevik to win 1999 Greater Greensboro Open

He was prepared and eager to put his own name on the putters he created and in 1998 Bettinardi Golf was born. Some of the original prototypes from that era are among the most sought-after by collectors today. His first milestone came in 1999 when Jesper Parnevik shot 23 under par for a tournament record 265 at the Greater Greensboro Open using a Bettinardi BB-10. A few years later with major tournament wins by Jim Furyk and Vijay Singh would seal the deal: Bettinardi was the name in milled putters.Bettinardi Signature Model 5

Bettinardi Signature Model 5 – Honeycomb pattern milled face

The Bettinardi Signature Series 5 is a classic Bettinardi putter. Bettinardi Signature Model 5 is based off of a BB1 head with a reverse taper flow neck. Care and detail can be seen and felt as in this unique “in a class of its own” putter. The neck is very narrow and tapers  wider into a flare tip shaft. As you stand up the neck hides away from your eyes…. Bettinardi Signature Model 5

Bettinardi Signature Model 5

The Review

We took out our Bettinardi Signature Model 5 and 2 other high end putters that we brought from the PGA Show in Orlando for some serious work out at our nearby Plantation Preserve putting green. Our company policies prohibit us from making direct comparisons between brands; but off the record, I can tell you that this “work of art” came up on top in every single category (aesthetics, feel, long putts 30+ feet and short putts less than 5′). In fact, the putter becomes a deadly weapon inside 10′. Bettinardi Signature Model 5

Bettinardi Signature Model 5 – Toe

The Bettinardi Signature Model 5 was created for those of you who simply demand the best from the best …period!  This is a limited production putter and if you can get your hands on one of these you can be sure that you have a piece of classic art in your hands. The very moment when I took this bad boy out of the box I knew I was holding something unique and special. A combination of the smell and softness of a Gripmaster full leader grip, great balance at stance and the unique feel of the ball as it leaves effortlessly the club face…DSC_0094

Head Cover

Bettinardi Signature Model 5

Bettinardi Signature Model 5 – Heel

Bettinardi Signature Model 5

Technical aspects of the Bettinardi Signature Model 5

• Material – 303 DASS (Double Aged Stainless Steel) is a proprietary blend of steel developed by Bettinardi Golf. Bettinardi putters always start with the best material.

• Face Milling – The face of the Signature Model 5 is Bettinardi’s patented Honeycomb Face. This provides the ultimate in feel for our Signature Model 5.

Weight: 348G
Material: Double Aged Stainless Steel
Finish: Tour Blast
Grip: Black Leather Gripmaster
Headcover: Standard Signature Black
Dexterity: Right Handed

There are so many other great qualities that make this putter our best in overall performance, aesthetics, and craftsmanship.  Every Bettinardi Signature Model 5 is built using DASS (Double Aged Stainless Steel), honeycomb face milling, just a work of art from every aspect. We must understand that this is not your typical production line putter…. and consequently the price tag will be slightly higher than some other high end brands. In the end you are investing in a piece of equipment that carries great craftsmanship, beautiful aesthetics, and a devoted passion to make the best product out there… Unquestionably the best putter I’ve ever played…

For more information please visit http://www.bettinardi.com/

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