August 22, 2017
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Callaway FT Optiforce Driver has finally arrived!

Callaway Golf’s mid-year contender, the FT Optiforce will be arriving at stores in just a few weeks and the anticipation of a few images that we posted on our Twitter account resonated across the golf media. Most of you can probably guess Callaway Golf and Taylormade are in a war for market share in the very lucrative “drivers” category. The rumors started back in February right after the PGA Show in Orlando as Callaway Golf filed for a U.S. federal trademark registration under the name of FT OPTIFORCE.  The USPTO has given Callaway Golf the rights to use and trade the name FT OPTIFORCE trademark serial number of 85836879.

Callaway FT Optiforce Driver

Then a few weeks ago we started hearing more rumors about an accelerated product launch and to some extend we were very skeptical about it for several reasons. Fact is, in early Spring 2013 Callaway Golf had just launched the very successful X Hot and X Hot Pro Drivers and as you can imagine pro shops and retail stores across the nation are currently filled to capacity with this product. An early product launch like this will definitely translate in a decreased product life-span (which for Callaway products is about a year or so) and headaches to thousands of Pro Shop owners.

Callaway FT Optiforce Driver

Callaway FT Optiforce Driver

This new driver coming out of Callaway Golf’s arsenal is going to impact the entire golf industry, we can guarantee you that! For starters this gorgeous driver comes in two different configurations. The first one is the classic oversize 460 cc for all levels of play, adjustable hosel, face and lie angles. The loft range for the 440 driver is 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degree. The range for the 460 driver is 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 and 12.5. making it a very appealing weapon for a large segment of the golf population. The second version is the pro mid-size 440 cc, more appealing to the better player (single digit handicapper), this version is also outfitted with the same adjustable hosel. From the bottom one can distinguish the drivers by the large 440 and 460 numbers and the smaller driver has a white detail finished on the sole while the 460 version has bright red details.

Callaway FT Optiforce Driver

Callaway has done a remarkable job to bring a great driver and outfitting it with a state of the art hosel and a great shaft option. Both of the models we tested came with the standard Mitsubishi Diamana S+ (Blue) 62 a very light and stable shaft cut to a staggering 46.25′ inches in length… woah!! . Diamana S-Series is a balanced profile that provides the optimum blend of power and stability. S-Series players are looking for a shaft that will respond fully to adjustments made for specific shots. We where also told by reliable sources that the Grafalloy Project X shaft 6.0 will also be a stock shaft for this club.

FT Optiforce Driver shaft


The FT Optiforce Driver is very light and it feels just great when you swing it… but there is one new ingredient to the equation… aerodynamics. The USGA has set very specific rules and regulations in regards to size and components, face thickness to the head of a driver. Callaway Golf has been tinkering with aerodynamics for quite sometime and the result is here, the FT Optiforce Driver is the lightest and most aerodynamic driver ever created by Callaway Golf. Official numbers and further testing will be performed but we were told that outfitted with a light shaft and based on its weigh and aerodynamics a player will be able to increase swing speed by 7% to 9%. The end result of a faster swing speed is more distance…period!

FT Optiforce Driver


This new driver from Callaway Golf sure feels like a winner! The club feels great in your hands, has a great balance, is extremely light and is very stable through the swing; the crown is shinny black without distracting colors or crown graphics. We were very impressed with the stock shaft options which in the past has hunted many drivers. If I were to purchase the driver I will definitely have to get used to the longer length shaft (I currently use a 44.75′ inches) which I understand Callaway is determined to squeeze every detail in the driver with the purpose of gaining more yards.  Callaway Golf already dominates our raw distance category with the X Hot driver and we can not wait to have an outdoor test and compare the two drivers heat-to-head… mano-a-mano!


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