October 22, 2017
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Tour Edge’s Exotics CB Pro Fairway … A limited edition club in a category of its own!!

Late last year Tour Edge launched the Exotics CB Pro Fairway and the immediate result was a PGA Tour win in the hands of Chris Kirk. The victory gave the new Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro fairway wood its first victory and a validation that the new product was a success just like many previous tour edge’s products. The Exotics CB Pro Fairway has a smaller 170-cc head that drives the center of gravity more forward than the XCC7 and XCG7 Beta, both brand new Tour Edge products. Like the XCG7 Beta, it has a beta titanium face that is combo-brazed to a hyper-steel body. It’s most eye-catching feature is its the patent-pending Slip StreamTM sole that according to Tour Edge glides through the turf in remarkable fashion and improves turf interaction regardless of the angle of attack.

Exotics CB Pro Fairway

The CB Pro comes stock with either a Fujikura Speeder 661 shaft in R and S flexes, or a Fujikura Speeder 757 shaft in S and X flexes. Both shafts are after-market versions. It’s available in lofts of 13.5, 14.5, 15.5, 16.5 and 17.5 degrees.

The Review

We set up our launch monitor at the brand new Trump National Doral driving range. In just a couple of weeks this gorgeous facility will be host to the 2014 WGC – Cadillac Championship. Today we have picture perfect weather with temperatures in the high 70’s and a mild left to right breeze. The ideal conditions will help us gauge the extend of the overall performance of the Exotics CB Pro Fairway.
As expected, the club is pumping great numbers out of our launching monitor and the shaft:
  • Shaft: Fujikura Speeder 757 stiff
  • Loft: 14.5 degrees
  • Average swing speed: 97.3 mph
  • Ball speed: 139 mph
  • Launch Angle: 9.1 degrees
  • Average dispersion: 12.8 yards
  • Average carry: 263 yards
Trump National Doral range

The new CB PRO combines the retro, smaller head size of the famous tour-winning CB2 fairway wood with an innovative sole function – Slip StreamTM – to create the ultimate fairway wood for accomplished players.

Exotics CB Pro Fairway

The positive

We are always looking for innovation and performance and the Exotics CB Pro Fairway delivered just that!  The new “slipstream” sole looks kinda funky!!  but as tested in light turf, medium turf, tight carpet turf and even dirt it worked/performed really great. I was mostly impressed as how forgiving this club really was and how versatile it really is from different lies. While the head may be smaller than the average fairway wood, (170 cc) the beta titanium cup face and stainless-steel body make it one of the hottest models we have ever tested — the club’s spring-line effect — of 250, puts it right at the USGA legal limit. Even our higher handicap tester (13.9 hcp) who was struggling with both the weight of the shaft and the smaller head size, got used to it just after a few swings. We were really impressed by the CB Pro’s overall performance but all of us were in agreement that we would definitely recommend the club to the better player (single digit handicap).

Exotics CB Pro Fairway

Tour Edge has added another positive factor with the use of a high quality shaft (Fujikura Speeder) to complement the head. David Glod, Tour Edge’s Founder and President, and his staff of golf engineers have designed a fairway wood that is targeted to appeal to golfers who don’t like the large-headed, driver-replacement style fairway woods that have proliferated the marketplace in recent years. Mr. Glod knows there are still many golfers who want the maneuverability and control that a smaller-headed fairway wood can offer.

The Exotics CB Pro fairway looks like an old-school fairway wood at address favored by such traditionalists and sports a titanium face, a stainless-steel body and low center of gravity that Tour Edge says help the club produce longer, higher-flying shots.

Exotics CB Pro Fairway

The negative

Unfortunately, a limited edition golf club with all the technology, craftsmanship and the inclusion of a expensive shaft/ grip combination has to come with a hefty price tag. Standing at a $500 retail price this club is definitely not recommended  for the average Joe.  There were also initial concerns of dirt being stuck to the sole, as it would be a hassle to always be cleaning out those grooves; but that was not the case..  yes, unnoticeable dirt gets stuck there but a better player cleans its clubs on every shot.


David Glod, nailed in the head with his statement during this year’s PGA Show in Orlando, “When we decided to create the Exotics line, this is the type of club I had envisioned. It’s very exciting to be introducing a product of this caliber to the market; there isn’t anything else like it. Is it expensive? Yes, probably the most expensive fairway wood available to the public. But, it’s just that good combined with the Speeder shafts and it’s also packaged with a high-end, leather headcover from Stitch Golf.” The highly competitive golf club manufacturing has a brand new contender straight from Tour Edge’s arsenal… The Exotics CB Pro Fairway Limited Edition…

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