August 22, 2017
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Our overall winner in performance – Exotics XCG6 Driver

Back in December 2012 Tour Edge released their latest weapon from its arsenal; a product we feel is packed with the necessary technology an enhancements to clearly outperform its competition. With the arrival of the Exotics XCG6 Driver, Tour Edge has entered the highly competitive Adjustable Driver Category. The Exotics XCG6 Driver sets itself apart from its predecessor, the Exotics XCG5, by the use of new technology and the integration of an adjustable hosel for ultimate precision off the tee.Exotics XCG6 Driver (1)

Exotics XCG6 Driver

The XCG6’s Shot Control Technology (SCT) allows for the adjustment of four face‐angle/loft settings to optimize launch characteristics for maximum distance and control. With a simple twist of the SCT wrench, golfers can adjust the face angle, loft, and lie of the XCG6 driver. For example, to promote a draw or a hook, select the “C” (closed position) on the SCT hosel or the “U” (upright position) for slightly less draw. To hit a fade or slice, select the “O” or open position and for a mostly straight ball flight, select the “N” or neutral position. With the Exotics XCG6 driver, you simply twist the shaft to dial in the distance.Exotics XCG 6 Driver hosel

Adjustable Hosel

Our review

  • Exotics XCG6 Driver
  • Matrix Ozik HD6.1 (x stiff) shaft
  • Loft 9* degrees, face (N) neutral position

We feel the Exotics XCG6 Driver is much more than just another driver with an adjustable hosel. Greater stability and distance is obtained with the new weight pads in the sole. During our indoor test we could see how steady this new product really was, and of course stability plays a major roll at impact. One comment from a staff member was that “hitting balls felt like hitting marshmallows!! The tremendous stability and hot face translates into that.. pure, consistent power.   The face is made out of multiple layers providing a cushioned and springy reaction at impact.  The spider web ribbon in this driver  provides maximum feel and rebound. Our indoor test results: Swing speed average 108.2 mph, launch angle 13.9* degrees, 2,640 RPM and ball speed 169.9 mphExotics XCG 6 Drive Face

Classic looks fused with modern technology

When buying this driver you have two different choices of shafts.  For those of you who hit the ball very high you can get the Matrix OZIK HD which will help reduce ball spin.  The second choice to help you get the ball in the air is the Ultra Light Graphite Design Tour AD. We tested both options of shaft during the PGA Show demo day and based on our handicap and ability to hit high balls we leaned towards the Matrix Ozik.

Exotics XCG 6 Driver Shaft

Matrix Ozik HD6.1

During our outdoor test at PGA National (Champion Course) we were really impressed by its performance. No computers, or launch monitors or the “no wind” feel of indoor play. The XCG6 suited with the Matrix Ozik shaft just pierces through the wind like a hot knife through butter; with such conditions I was still able to hit 11 out of 13 fairways with this driver. The driver has great aesthetics and purists like myself enjoy using a driver with out colored crowns and distracting graphics. Great stability, control and impressive length makes the Exotics XCG6 Driver our best in performance driver for 2013

Exotics XCG 6 Driver head cover

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    April 1, 2013

    I am normally a committed Ping man when it comes to drivers, but have just traded my new G25 in for the XCG6 with the Matrix Ozik 6.1 shaft. No question the G25 is a fine driver, but for my swing, at least, the XCG6 is significantly longer, consistently producing faster ball speeds, lower spin rates and greater carry and overall distances. I tested them both head to head on a number of occasions before deciding to go with the XCG6. Both drivers are forgiving and provided very good dispersion results. The extra 10 – 15 yards in distance was the clincher. Your review was instrumental in convincing me to try out the XCG6. Thanks so much for the heads up!

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