August 19, 2017
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The science behind building custom made golf wedges is boundless; lofts, lies, bounce, swing weight, endless possibilities for all types of players. To get customized wedges amateurs are in a clear disadvantage over tour professionals. On tour, Tour Vans cater to the demand of players seeking to fine tune their scoring clubs based on their swing style, personalized to those seeking performance perfection. For amateurs the choices are limited, a couple of different wedges from the top 3 brands and cross your fingers! Yet, wedges are an essential part of our game. Inside 100 yards we rely heavily on these scoring tools to do the job, from chipping, getting out of a bunker to long shots.jp1

Enter James Patrick Wedges, a custom made house designed to do just one thing, precision built, hand crafted golf wedges and irons for all types of players!. A work of art is a physical object that is professionally determined or popularly considered to fulfill a primarily independent aesthetic function. James Patrick Wedges are created using the finest forgings in the world from the Kyoei Forging House in Ichikawa, Japan. Kyoei has been forging golf club heads for over 50 years and creates the industries highest quality forgings. jp3

Kyoei adheres to the most demanding tolerances to create their true one-piece forged golf club heads. From the consistency of the Kyeoi JIS S25C steel to the finely tuned temperatures used during the forging process is second to none. These forging techniques create ideal density and grain structure within the club head. James Patrick has traveled to the source and has worked directly with Kyoei to produce a wedge blank that can be hand-ground and sculpted to create a custom wedge that is unmatched in the industry.jp4

The brains behind James Patrick Wedges is the man itself James Patrick Harrington; James graduated from Arizona State University’s PGA Golf Management Program, and had learned to make custom golf equipment at Hot Stix Golf and Cool Clubs Golf, two top custom-club making companies located in Scottsdale, Ariz. He also spent time under the tutelage of legendary MacGregor Golf club maker, Don White. Harrington had even done the grinds on a set of irons for Aaron Baddely that Baddely used to win his first PGA TOUR event, the Verizon Heritage, in 2006.jp6

Harrington began work on the wedges in September 2010. He searched for a forging company that could supply Edel Golf with the blank heads for their new line of wedges. He chose Kyoei (pronounced Ky-o-eh), a Japanese company that became Edel Golf’s blank head supplier. When Edel received the heads from Kyoei in December 2010, he proceeded to machine the faces, grooves and logos at Edel Golf’s headquarters outside Austin, Texas. He then sent 60 of the finished heads to Harrington for him to work on for the show. And the rest is history, in the years of relationship with James Harrington we have seen works of art come out of his shop, custom finishes and stampings Soft forged with c-c grooves or non-conforming grooves Perfect cg placement… you name it.. he’s got it!

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