August 22, 2017
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Scor 4161 Wedges are truly short range missiles!

Why Scor 4161 Wedges for your game? Its a given fact that managing your game inside 100 yards is a component of the game that is critical to success but often overlooked by amateurs.  Specially those who shoot in the 90s or 100s, and these are arguably the players who should be giving this element the most attention.  Yet, this area of the game is often neglected and if you ask an amateur they will tell you that their budget, time of practice and effort is completely devoted to the next driver they see on 4161 wedges

When I spoke to Scor Golf founder, Terry Koehler, I was very impressed with his knowledge of the game and of course his love and devotion for 1 thing – Golf Wedges.  Days earlier I had taken the SCORfit test for a ride and I needed some explanation as to why I needed to depart from my 2 Cleveland wedges, add an extra wedge in my bag and on top of it add 2 more wedges to replace my Taylormade Tour Preferred MC PW and 9-iron!! 5 wedges in total seemed a little over the top… I used to carry a 3-iron that I never hit so trading that for a 50* degree wedge made sense. All in all it took Terry 5 minutes to convince me to replace all of these clubs and start scorning the correct way. My optimal set ended up to be 58, 54, 50, 46, 42scor 4161 wedges graph

The Review

A few days later and there it was, a white box full of clubs and a new lease on my golf game. The first thing you’ll notice about the SCOR 4161 wedges is that it’s a beautiful club. It’s a polished carbon steel club, made to your specifications. Score 4161 Wedges come packed with tons of technology,  the biggest feature of the 4161 club is the patented “V-Sole” technology that puts a low bounce and a high bounce in the bottom of each club. This is where the clubs versatility shines through, soft conditions, hard pan floors, soft bunkers, thick rough… you name it and it performs well above the competition. It also boasts state of the art KBS Genius wedge shafts, SGC3 – Short Game Control, the “3” refers to the three types of control they deliver: Distance, Trajectory and Spin control. These wedges feature progressive weighting, which means each club will have a slightly different weighting as the clubs are designed for a specific 4161 wedges

But that wasn’t what impressed me the most about Score 4161 wedges, I was more impressed with the way the clubs disappeared that awful gap that I used to have when switching from 1 manufacturer to another. You see, I used to hit my Cleveland 54* degree sand wedge about 92 – 96 yards and my next club was a Taylormade Tour Preferred MC Pitching Wedge that I used to hit about 115 – 125 yards. So technically if my ball was between 97 to 114 yards I had no idea what to hit and it was always a guessing game. Wedges are all about distance control; Terry Koehler calls it Gap Management, or the ability to hit consistent distances with your clubs from your Loft Wedge all the way to the 4161 wedges sole

Previously my go-to-club was my Cleveland sand wedge, so immediately upon arrival of my clubs I took an extended lunch break just to hit the Score 4161 wedge numbered 54. Terry was very knowledgeable about his stuff and on paper it seemed the right way to go; but when you play one way for over 30 years you are going to be a bit skeptical about making big changes, skeptical about the real performance of these clubs in the real world. One thing you are going to love about these wedges is the way they fit you from the start. Every so often when I was to embark in the purchase of a new wedge, I always needed to worry about the length, the correct lie and measure the loft to make sure my gap wouldn’t increase. Score 4161 Wedges come custom made from the box!scor 4161 wedges shaft grip

I hit side-by-side my Cleveland and the SCOR 4161 Wedges and noticed very little difference in terms of distance and control. I don’t know much about the technical aspects but I can tell you that Score 4161 wedge felt a lot softer, Scor Golf must be using a softer steel that increases the feel of the ball. I must have hit about 20 balls each when I decided to start making changes to the lie. I drop half a bucket inside the practice bunker and voila! there was the big difference. Scor 4161 wedges performs way better than my Cleveland used to… period! It glides through sand so smoothly… not too deep and not too shallow. Balls pop in the air and land softly and that folks is a feeling I was looking for a long time. I’ve tried several lies but I kept remembering that conversation with Terry days earlier. These wedges are fantastic!scor 4161 wedges grip

As you may expect I have now replaced all of my wedges and 9-iron to the new Scor configuration. This is something I really didn’t think could ever happen. Terry has nailed it in the head with his idea behind distance control, lie versatility and feel of these clubs. In my humble opinion, gap management is crucial and not having to worry about switching from your wedges to irons is key to great scoring. I must congratulate Terry and the staff at SCOR Golf on an exceptional club and innovative design. For more info please visit

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