October 22, 2017
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Simple Swing Fixes to aid your golf…

Written By Jane Milbrandt @janemilbrandt – In our magazine’s newest series,  Simple Swing Fixes, South Florida Golf Magazine has sought out PGA golf professionals from some of the area’s best private clubs, resorts and public courses to provide instructional lessons and videos to assist golfers of every level. Our first tutorial comes from the Director of Golf at Old Palm Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Bud Taylor, who addresses the importance of hitting down on the ball to promote an optimal attack angle.

Simple Swing Fixes

TAYLOR: We typically incorporate the Trackman golf radar at the Old Palm Golf Studio when giving lessons. Trackman makes calculations that assist in instruction such as launch angle, spin rate and attack angle. “Attack angle” is the number indicating whether you are hitting up or down on the ball. The PGA TOUR average is an attack angle of three to five degrees negative.

simple swing fixes

For those without access to a Trackman, the best training tool a golfer can buy to practice improving his attack angle is a 98-cent clipboard. When placed four to five inches behind the golf ball, the clipboard will give instant feedback regarding your attack angle. Start this drill by practicing with a short shot and a wedge.  If the club hits the clipboard before the ball, it’s indicative of a positive attack angle, or hitting up on the ball.

Simple Swing Fixes

A mistake that most amateurs make is hitting the ball “fat” by making contact with the ground before the ball. In order to compress the ball and gain more distance, it is important for the club to approach the ball on a downward angle with every club in the bag except the driver. The idea is to hit the golf ball first, followed by the ground. The clipboard drill is a simple swing fix that will immediately correct your swing path. Use it and you’ll be hitting it farther and straighter in no time.


About Bud Taylor, Director of Golf – Old Palm Golf Club

Director of Golf at Old Palm Golf Club since 2009, Bud Taylor is in charge of all things golf, from tournaments and instruction to upkeep and maintenance. Born in Huntsville, Alabama, Bud graduated from Morehead State University in Kentucky in 1992, and was elected to the PGA of America three years later. He is a PGA Certified Master Professional and was the recipient of Golfweek Magazine’s “Top 40 under 40″ award. He has been associated with golf clubs in Kentucky and in Florida, including PGA Golf Club, PGA Learning Center and PGA Country Club in Port St. Lucie where he was PGA Director of Golf.

 Simple Golf Fix

About Old Palm Golf Club

 Located in one of the world’s most golf-rich enclaves, the centerpiece of the community is the tournament-caliber, 7,401-yard Raymond Floyd-designed golf course and world-renowned 33-acre Golf Studio.  Dedicated to game improvement, Old Palm boasts one of the most complete golf instruction and training facilities in the U.S., home to a spacious double-ended range, V-1 equipped hitting bay with Trackman, short-game area and three regulation practice holes – a par 3, 4, and 5 – on which golfers can replicate every shot and angle they encounter on the par-72 course.


For more information: www.oldpalmgolfclub.com

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