August 22, 2017
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SwingShot golf camcorder lets you watch and correct your mistakes

Did you ever wondered what you would look like when you are taking a swing? SwingShot Golf Camcorder let’s you do just that! SwingShotgolf camcorder  is a full HD Golf Camcorder device that records audio and high-definition video at 720p 60fps or 1080p 30fps resolution, and includes a rechargeable battery with enough power to film up to four rounds of golf or about four hours in lesson or range modes. Wow!! Now you can watch and critique your swing, or even email your video to a swing coach…. You can save the videos on the camera’s internal memory, or back them up on your computer via the USB port cable.

swingshot golf camcoder

The SwingShot camera is really simple to use and it is designed to record subjects from distances as short as 9 feet. The Field of View (“FOV”) varies depending upon whether you are recording in 720p or 1080p resolution. The SwingShot™ camera was specifically designed to be stored right alongside you golf clubs. This enables golfers to easily grab the SwingShot™ camera as they are selecting a club for each shot. Plant the camera’s turf spike in the grass about 12 feet behind (or beside) the ball and aim the arrow on top of the camera straight over the ball. Press the one and only button to activate the recording function, and proceed with your swing as usual. When finished with your shot, press the button to deactivate the camera, remove it from the grass, and drop it back in your bag with your golf club.
The following video was taken at nearby Woodmont Country Club (driving range) on a very windy South Florida morning. The camera was stable enough to cope with the windy conditions and the video quality and sound in cloudy conditions was just superb.
There are 4 basic recording modes. You can switch between modes using the Mode button located on the bottom of the camera.
1) “Course” mode records in 720p | 60fps and has a 10-second delay to allow you to get into place, followed by a variable recording time of 30, 45, 60 or 75 seconds. The time is adjusted on the bottom of the camera using the timer button. At the end of the preset time, the camera then shuts off automatically so you don’t record your camera banging around in your bag if you forget to turn it off between shots, and to save editing time later if you only want to share a few shots out of the many you recorded.
2) “Scenic” mode is identical to Course mode except that it records in 1080p | 30fps.
3) “Lesson” mode records continuously in 720p | 60fps until it runs out of memory or battery.
4) “Range” mode records in 720p | 60fps and has a 10-second delay to reload your ball followed by a variable recording time of 10, 15, or 20 seconds, and then shuts off automatically. Again, this is done to save editing time later if you only want to share a few shots out of the many you recorded.

swingshot golf camcorder

The SwingShot Golf Camcorder can be easily carried in a golf bag or separated for carry in luggage; in fact, you can take it apart and fit it inside any small pocket in your golf bag. The SwingShot provides high resolution images while working for the golfer via offering on course distances or just a panoramic photo of your favorite golfing group.  The device is a must for teaching pros who are in the need to show their students flaws in their golf swing.  The video can be easily downloaded to an iPad via USB cable. The device can easily replace more cumbersome equipment costing several hundreds more dollars.  The SwingShot can also be carried out on the course and placed anywhere to record swing action or video of your favorite friends, it is absolutely quiet and with the push of a button you can select several different focus modes just like a professional camcorder. The Swingshot Golf Camcorder is just an outstanding device and a must buy for all golfers looking to tweak and adjust their golf swing.
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