August 19, 2017
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SwingTIP golf analyzer is a true professional device…

The SwingTIP golf analyzer was definitely a pleasant surprise and it has to be one of the best products we found during this year’s PGA Show in Orlando, FL.  The innovative and simple SwingTIP 3D motion sensor is a tiny device that securely clips on top of the shaft (just below the grip) and transmits in real time valuable data via Bluetooth to an app; nothing more…nothing less and the possibilities are endless!  The user gets real-time, video and comprehensive golf swing analysis to an app on an Apple iOS (iPhone®, iPod Touch®, iPad®) or Android® device that can later be analyzed. The mobile app also allows users to sync their data to the cloud, where they can view performance trend reports on their personal MySwingTIP webpage.

ProView Auto-Video Capture 

The SwingTIP golf analyzer sensor uses Bluetooth to activate the mobile device’s video camera to record a swing. With every swing, golfers can capture a video of their swing from any angle or position to examine body posture and alignment. Auto-Video Capture includes a number of intelligent features that help a golfer record, review and share videos including:

–      Smart capture setup tools assist with proper angle and distance

–      Auto-truncates video to capture only essential footage of the swing from setup to follow-through

–      Stop, start, forward and reverse playback allows you to easily examine all aspects of the swing

–      Easily share a video with a friend or coach

swingtip golf swing analizer

The Review

There are a couple of things I always look forward when I perform a review on a device, in this case the SwingTIP golf analyzer; product presentation and ease of use. Nothing is as frustrating as trying to use a device when you have to read a 30-page long user’s manual. The SwingTIP is clean and simple on the outside and the user’s manual is a little big bigger than a business card… From the time I started downloading the app to my iPhone, clipping the unit to an old 7-iron to my first recorded swing it took me about 8 minutes! I must point out that you have to charge the tiny unit for 2 hours prior to your first analysis.

SwingTIP golf analyzer

The SwingTIP golf analyzer activates by pressing the button on the end so that the charging/communication light flashes, and starts your app. The SwingTIP syncs up seamlessly unless you always turn your Bluetooth off when not using to conserve battery life. Connectivity was never an issue as I was able to record swings 10 feet away from my iPhone.

The app itself is user friendly and I was very impressed with how modern it looks as compared with other similar devices. Once you open the app, it notifies you it is attempting to connect as well as when it is connected, letting you know it is ready for you to swing. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds (Bluetooth devices must be on on your iPhone) In addition one can see a battery life display, the main illustration of the screen actually has a generic golfer that you can view from 3 different angles (top, front and side) great for getting an overall idea how our swing path and speed during the swing process. SwingTIP also offers the ability to email swing information and sync with where you can link your device and upload swing sessions with the press of a finger from the app.SwingTIP Golf Analizer

During my test in the driving range I took 7 hits with my old 7-iron. My club speed numbers, swing path, smashing factor (impact zone) and face angles were almost identical as compared to the data from our $10K flight simulator… just amazing!! for a product that is very affordable. Sitting down after a secession with a knowledgeable PGA Professional will enhance the true capabilities of the unit. The user can clearly understand the numbers and data obtained and the images from 3 different angles will paint a true picture inside the user’s head.Just the necessary input to correct, or at the very least work on swing flaws. The unit also features a video mode that will be tested and reviewed at a later date as I was by myself at the driving range and I needed someone to hold the unit in place or a pod unit which I didn’t have.

In my particular case there is a number that sticks out and was highlighted in Photoshop and represents my percentile swing path… The reality is that 86% of the time I swing inside-out and that type of swing promotes a draw flight. Thus when I make a mistake is usually a variation of a hook. 71% of the time I hit with a square face but I always have to be careful and “work on” to avoid a close face at impact. Just great numbers and instant feedback from this mighty device well worth the investment.swingtip golf analyzer

In Conclusion, I believe that this is a very effective device. The SwingTIP gives you: Portability (small enough to fit in your pocket, take on vacations) Accuracy (as compared to other more expensive devices) Ease of Use (simplistic and friendly user approach) Video Capable (Great video capabilities). My sincere congratulations to Mobiplex on an engenious little unit. MSRP for the SwingTIP is $129.99 and can be purchased at most golf retailers. Please visit for more information on the SwingTIP.

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