October 22, 2017
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The Perfect Impact Position – By: Dan McCarthy, PGA

PGA Professional Dan McCarthy from Grande Oaks Golf Club in Davie, Fl gives us an inside look at the differences between Address Hands and Impact Hands

All good players have one position in the golf swing that’s similar despite their very different looking set ups and backswings; this position is at impact. Great players create great alignments through the hitting area by keeping their hands in front of the ball at all times and keeping their lead wrist flat and their trailing wrist is bent.  This is the golf secret that all good players share and apply. 

High handicappers tend to do the opposite at impact; instead of leading with a lead wrist that is flat and a trailing wrist that is bent they commit the number one sin in golf. CLUBHEAD THROW AWAY. Throwaway is when golfers hit the ball with bent lead wrist and flat trailing wrist disrupting all the alignments of the club head and club face at impact. The bending of the lead wrist at impact is often referred to as a flip or a scoop which causes a host of problems like:

  • adding loft to the club
  • making the radius of the circle long too early leading to both flat and thin shots.
  • Scooping

Scooping or having club head throwaway causes players to suffer a tremendous loss of power and end up with a very week hit because all the stored power is being released before the club has hit the ball. Golfers with this problem tend to hit the ball better with their woods than their irons because the ball is teed up and they can get away with scooping or hitting up on the ball.

In order to hit solid irons and better drives more consistently,  it is imperative to hit down and through a flat lead wrist and bent trailing wrist that’s ahead of the ball at impact and after…

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