August 22, 2017
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Find the right Titleist Golf Ball for you…

In previous articles we have pointed out the importance of choosing the right golf ball for your game. We are always amazed to see how many golfers overlook that simple fact and they base their golf ball purchase purely on either price point, what the pro on TV plays or a friends recommendation. The fact of the matter is that golf balls are the single most important piece of equipment a golfer uses. However, it’s very rare for a golfer to demo and chose the best golf ball for based on their game.

Ball Facts

Spin: Too much spin is bad and not enough is also bad… what? Without getting too caught up in golf ball physics I can tell you that correct golf ball spin generates lift, like an airplane. This lift is needed to carry a golf ball the correct distance. Thus a shot’s spin rate directly influences how high the ball flies and how quickly it stops after landing. Incorrect golf ball spin (side spin) generates direction, left or right… again, too much of it is also bad. As a general rule novice players who often strike the ball incorrectly will tend to generate too much sidespin. A very reactive ball like the ProV1 in the hands of a 22 handicapper will continuously spin out of control through out the round.

Our friends at Titleist have been very kind and shipped us samples of their 2014 line up. Titleist has also gone a step further and implemented a very comprehensive golf ball selection tool to aid golfers in their golf ball selection. If you are unsure as to what ball to use, the online ball-fitting tool is an excellent place to start.  I used the fitting-tool myself and the difference between balls wasn’t that huge, but it was noticeable. I ended up switching from my traditional ProV1X to the ProV1

Titleist Golf Ball

ProV1 vs ProV1X

According to Titleist their Pro V1® and ProV1X models of golf balls are PGA Tour proven models engineered to deliver exceptional distance, consistent flight, very soft feel, Drop-and-Stop greenside control and longer lasting durability. I have been playing both (ProV1 and ProV1X) for many years and the difference is simple…Pro v1 spins more and pro v1x goes farther. If you are unsure about what model to purchase let me remind you that the ProV1 and ProV1X are by far the best performance option for all kind of swing speeds and skill levels.

 Titleist Golf Ball

NXT Tour vs NXT Tour S

Fulfilling other needs like feel, color and price point Titleist offers other options like the NXT Tour golf ball. Designed to deliver low driver and long iron spin for outstanding distance, commanding short game scoring performance and soft feel. Tour S golf ball is designed to deliver NXT Tour performance with softer compression feel. I personally play with the ProV1 but I tried the new NXT S and let me tell you.. wow! I was only able to tell the difference around the putting green. It is an excellent option for players with an specific budget in mind. If you are between hcp 4 and hcp 10 you need to give this ball a try.

 Titleist Golf Ball


The new Titleist Velocity golf balls are powered for even more explosive distance. The reengineered, exclusive LSX core produces high initial ball speed for more power off the tee and shorter approach shots into the green. The new, advanced spherically tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design delivers a more penetrating trajectory with a shallower angle of descent for even more roll. New Titleist Velocity golf balls provide power, precision and playable feel. The harder outer cover will definitely help mid to high handicappers reduce sidespin.

 Titleist Golf Ball


The new Titleist DT SoLo is your entry golf ball geared to the high handicapper but so well constructed that could easily be used by your mid (16 hcp) handicap player. DT SoLo golf balls have been redesigned to provide even longer distance along with the noticeably soft feel and control that golfers have come to love. With a new spherically tiled 376 tetrahedral dimple design with more uniform surface coverage, DT SoLo golf balls now deliver even more consistent flight and more distance. This is the best combination of soft feel and distance in a DT yet. Softer feel than previous years and a strong cover to reduce sidespin… great combination!


Titleist golf balls are positioned at the top of the performance charts in every golf ball category. I found plenty to be impressed about both the 2014 Pro V1 and Pro V1x. Both balls offered a good combination of spin, distance, and durability. While one seemed to fit my needs better than the other, that’s merely a personal inclination that showed itself after a great deal of testing and analysis. I would highly recommend my readers to used the Titleist fitting tool to find the perfect ball for you.  For more information please visit Titleist’s website,

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